My visit was perfect. Staff were extremely nice and helpful. Dr. Behnaz was very professional, friendly, and she understood my situation as how urgent I had to finish my dental work before flying out of country. She worked fast and I felt no pain. She has very light hands and I felt nothing at all. Dr. Behnaz explained to me what she was doing and what was needed to be done next. She made it a priority to finish my work even though I went in last minute and for that I am very grateful and wish to see her for all my visits. I highly recommend her

Amy Elsabahy

I have been terrified of the dentist my entire life (55 years). I desperately needed a dentist as the pain was unbearable and i looked like a pirate. I chose Riverdale Family Dentist because they offered gas. After 2 visits with Dr. G this coward no longer needed gas. Absolutely amazing!! There is much dental work needed and Dr. G will be my dentist through it all. Take it from a former dental coward and make an appointment with Dr. G. you will be glad you did!!!


I wanted to personally thank you for doing such amazing dental work. I’m looking forward to visiting you again and completing what you started in my life, a beautiful smile… I will forever be thankful and will be your client until I die… You are not only the most beautiful doctor that ever worked on me surgically but also the the very best of the best…

Thank you

Jimmy Beal

Luca, New York

Going to the dentist is not always a happy moment. My experience was beyond happyness, when I saw the results of Dr. Garimany’s work. An impressive new smile! In comparison to how my front teeth looked like. I went to Riverdale Family Dentist practice and Dr. Garimany was from the beginning very positive. She not only explained to me in details how the veneer procedure works and what would be the best health and aesthetic quality in my case, but took time to assuage my apprehension and fears making me feel more comfortable. At every session, she made sure that I felt comfortable. For instance, could listen to the music of my choice. She showed me the X-rays and described every procedure thoroughly. I always felt welcomed, especially because she rememberd my name and was never short of a smile.

I am confident in saying that she changed my smile and raised my self-confidence. Besides, she diminished my dislike of going to the dentist. She is a Dentist that I would highly recommend.

Luca, New York

My visit was great. Dr. Garemani made me feel safe and i am happy she’s my dentist. she made me feel great about moving forward with my dental work.

Lissette Vasquez

Jessica M

LOVED MY VISIT! Dr. Garemani was very patient and explained the sole procedure, and asked me several times how i was feeling.

Jessica M

Dr. Garemani is the dentist I HIGHLY RECOMMEND for your dental needs. She is very professional, courteous, and most importantly gentle. She puts my anxiety and dental fears to rest. she maintained pearly whites on great standing.

Julio C. Javier

Quality of Dr. Garemani’s work is excellent. my visit was great! pain-free!!

Diana Nastu