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XEO employs a laser beam to target blood vessels and skin pigment. Specifically designed for broken capillaries, the laser is absorbed by abnormal blood vessels. This absorption converts light into heat energy, effectively causing the targeted vessel to collapse and seal shut.This process promotes skin rejuvenation enhancing overall skin tone for a more revitalized complexion.

truSculpt fleX is a non-surgical muscle-sculpting treatment ideal for individuals at their ideal weight. Tailored for abs, glutes, and legs, it delivers precise and deep muscle contractions in just four to six sessions. Using multi-directional stimulation (MDS), it enhances strength and definition, perfect for those seeking targeted muscle sculpting.

Experience the transformative magic of Invisalign, utilizing computer-generated molds to precisely correct teeth misalignment. These discreet aligners offer a comfortable alternative to traditional braces, providing users with the confidence of a beautifully aligned smile. Embrace the journey to radiant teeth with Invisalign’s innovative approach.

Experience a radiant and confident smile with Philips Zoom! – the leading professional whitening brand in the U.S. Our cutting-edge gel is designed with advanced molecules that go beyond the tooth’s surface, effectively eliminating accumulated stains from coffee, wine, and tobacco. Elevate your teeth whitening journey for a brighter and whiter smile

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Dr. Behnaz Garemani was featured on E! Online for “10 People to Follow in Summer 2023”

“The New York-based celebrity dentist, also known as @thedentistinheels, Dr. Behnaz Garemani, brings the ultimate beauty and style to the dental industry as a “Top Doctor” award-winning dentist recognized by the Consumer Research Council of America and New York Hospital who also holds over 900 five-star reviews.”

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Welcome to our exclusive oasis in the heart of New York City, where passion meets sophistication. Our luxurious dental spa is crafted for discerning individuals who understand the power of a captivating first impression. We blend bespoke dental and skin treatments to elevate your entire essence, ensuring you exude an irresistible allure at every turn. Trust is our cornerstone. We dedicate ourselves to your well-being and image, earning the trust of our esteemed clients with every visit. Step into our world, where comprehensive care and timeless allure merge effortlessly to help you glow like a diamond – forever radiant and strong

At Brite Dental Spa, we offer a range of services that will leave you feeling your best. Our highly trained staff will ensure that you get the personalized experience you deserve!

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