MonEli spa treatments are uniquely according to the condition of your skin on the day of your treatment. We believe in rebuilding the skin, rather than breaking it down. During your treatment with skin consultation, we will evaluate your skin condition, discuss your beauty regimen and skin goals that our professional esthetician will go over. You will decide together on the perfect treatment and skincare routine as your skin requires.


Time: 60 minutes
Price: $170

The Moneli Spa welcomes you to experience their special 60-minute facial treatment. This relaxing session is tailored to address the specific needs of your skin based on its condition on the day of your appointment. The treatment typically includes a thorough process designed to rejuvenate and refresh your skin, ensuring a personalized and soothing experience

Hydrohealing Facial Therapy

Time: 60 minutes
Price: $199

Delve into a 60-minute treatment completely customized to your skin’s needs on the day of your appointment. Enjoy the benefits of LED light therapy and innovative techniques, each tailored to fulfill your skin’s specific requireme.

MonEli Spa’s “After-Party Facial” offers a meticulous treatment, including a special cleansing massage, exfoliation, and oxygen infusion for optimal hydration. Experience the benefits of collagen stimulation through LED light, rejuvenated eyes, and personalized nourishment with a specialized vitamins serum and a custom mask catering to your skin’s needs. It is crucial to acknowledge potential side effects such as temporary dehydration, redness, breakouts, or sensitivity, particularly for those with sensitive skin. Rest assured, our seasoned professionals prioritize your skin’s well-being, ensuring a refined post-party pampering experience.

Glow Like a Diamond

Time: 90 minutes
Price: $250

Revitalize your skin with our transformative diamond microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, and microcurrent treatments, enhanced by a special vitamin infusion and XEO Laser Genesis for a radiant glow. Each technique is meticulously customized to your skin’s unique needs on the day of your appointment.


Time: 90 min
Price: $599

MonEli Spa introduces its innovative Microneedling Botox Therapy combined with Vitamin C serums and a special cocktail serum tailored to your skin concerns, followed by LED light treatment. Our unique blend of ingredients, applied during micro needling sessions, effectively shrinks pores, smoothens fine lines and wrinkles, and tightens skin, revealing a rejuvenated glow within 24 hours. Microneedling, coupled with Botox therapy, builds collagen, plumps wrinkles, and enhances skin texture. With just a one-day recovery time, you can seamlessly return to your routine or attend events. While combining Botox and microneedling may seem tempting, it’s best to schedule them separately. Botox requires healthy, intact skin, while microneedling creates micro-wounds. Mona advises on the optimal schedule to maximize the benefits of both treatments, providing your skin with a rejuvenating one-two punch