Mona Foroutani

Medical Esthetician

Mona Foroutani, ME

Medical Esthetician •

Meet Mona, a passionate and dedicated esthetician who graduated in 2017 with an Honors Diploma, a testament to her exceptional skills and commitment to the field. Specializing in Esthetics, Mona’s education provided her with more than just a comprehensive understanding of the skin; it instilled in her a holistic approach to skincare.

Mona has earned additional certifications in Laser Hair Removal & Safety, Microdermabrasion, and Chemical Peels, showcasing her commitment to continuous learning and mastery of diverse techniques. The hands-on experience with real clients was Mona’s favorite, solidifying her belief that she was in the right profession each time she helped someone with their skincare needs.

In her practice, Mona swears by Valte Hydration Mask for its ability to hydrate the skin without causing dryness or sensitivity. Additionally, she personally uses Neem Purifying Cleanser at home, appreciating how it leaves her skin soft, clean, and fresh. Mona’s journey from a graduate to a successful esthetician exemplifies the power of passion, dedication, and a holistic approach to skincare.

Mona Foroutani

Medical Esthetician

Introducing Mona Foroutani, a distinguished medical esthetician and the visionary founder of Moneli Spa, where luxury meets transformation. Mona’s partnership with Brite Dental Spa creates a harmonious blend, where the radiance of flawless skin converges with the brilliance of a captivating smile.

With an illustrious background in jewelry design spanning a decade, Mona discovered her passion for skincare, seeing the skin as a luminous diamond—clear, radiant, and deserving of utmost care. Through her journey, she witnessed the profound impact of vibrant, healthy skin on one’s confidence and success, igniting her mission to delve deeper into skincare and empower her clients to achieve a luminous and resilient glow.

In Mona’s realm, skincare transcends the ordinary. She meticulously analyzes her clients’ lifestyles and unique skin concerns to craft bespoke treatments, each as exquisite and unique as a rare gem. By tailoring her approach to their individual needs, Mona ensures an unparalleled experience that not only addresses concerns but elevates the essence of inner radiance, allowing her clients to shine like the diamonds they are.

Mona’s ascent from a graduate to a revered esthetician epitomizes her unwavering dedication, passion, and holistic ethos towards skincare. Drawing from her diverse background, she seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technologies with timeless techniques, creating an opulent sanctuary where luxury meets efficacy. From indulgent massages to advanced LED therapy, Ultrasound, Microcurrent, oxygen infusion, and laser treatments, each experience is curated to pamper the senses and unveil the true brilliance within.

Embark on a transformative journey with Mona and experience the epitome of luxury skincare. Let her guide you towards undeniable results, where every treatment is a celebration of your unique radiance, allowing you to glow like a diamond